Top 10 Best Business Desktop Computers in 2018

A desktop computer is typically a personal computer designed to be used in a single location. Due to the advent of mobile computers or laptops, desktops have been considered bulky and inconvenient but their importance cannot be undermined. They are still the most dependable devices for handling various office and personal tasks. Whether you’re looking for the best desktop computer to organize your day-to-day routine, data planning, social networking and academic work or more, then you’ve just landed in the right place. Here, we enlighten you on the best desktop computers in 2018. Most new desktop computers come in space savvy and innovative designs. They also utilize the latest technologies such as massive memory and high-speed processors. In fact, most of them can support multiple monitors. Below are the top 10 best desktop computers in 2018.

  1. Premium HP Pavilion FHD Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer Intel Core i7-6700T 1TB 12GB RAM Windows 10 and Wireless Keyboard


This is not only an elegantly designed desktop but also the best desktop computer you can find around. It comes with a wide 27-inch bright screen that is highly visible for those who don’t want to struggle with small screens. The touchscreen makes it efficient and convenient to use. HP Pavilion also comes with a next-gen wireless connection that guarantees you reliable and fast connection. With this computer, multi-tasking is an easy task. It makes it easy for you to set up and install all your essential programs.

  1. Dell OptiPlex DT Intel Core i5-2400 8GB RAM, 2TB 3.4GHz Windows 10 Pro


This is a simple yet powerful device that is designed to carry you through all your everyday business computing needs. Dell OptiPlex is loaded with the latest processor for fast and efficient operations. It is easy to install and operate. The large storage capacity provides you with ample space to securely keep all your critical files such as media files, music library, digital albums and much more. The integrated Intel HD graphics give you stunning and incomparable display. Besides, this desktop computer has 10 USB ports for added versatility. It is an excellent computer for anyone that is mindful of their coin and cent.

  1. Apple iMac MNED2LL/A 8GB RAM, 2TB Intel Core i5 New Version Desktop Computer


This computer gives you an exclusive desktop experience like no other. Apple iMac is powered by the latest Intel Core i5 processor that makes it very responsive and reliable. It can handle multiple tasks at a go with the massive 8GB memory. It is enclosed in a stylish enclosure that makes it appear current. Additionally, the retina display makes it bright and vivid giving you a more immersive viewing experience. In terms of storage, you’ll never run out of space since this desktop gives you a massive 2TB to store all your stuff.

  1. 2018 Acer Intel Core i5 7th Gen High-Performance Desktop Computer 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD HDMI VGA Windows 10 with Mouse and Keyboard


This is the best desktop computer that puts performance ahead of everything. It is designed for everyday computing needs. The SSD storage enables you quick retrieval and storage of your critical files. Besides, it starts up and boots faster giving you quick data access. The quad-core processor gives this desktop a boost. It is more flexible than an ordinary dual-core computer.

  1. HP Elite 8300 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, SFF Business Desktop Computer Windows 10 Pro


This is a reliable high-performance desktop computer that features the latest Intel Core i7 processor that gives you sufficient horsepower to handle multiple everyday tasks in your business. It features an integrated HD graphics that delivers unrivaled viewing experience. The Solid State Drive rocks providing you really fast performance right from start-up to boot. It is an ideal desktop if you’re after performance.

  1. Dell OptiPlex 9010 2018, TW Premium Business Desktop Computer, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5-3470 2TB HDD Windows 10 Pro


If you want a small factor desktop computer that takes up the least space but delivers reliable performance, then Dell OptiPlex 2018 is the brand to go for. It packs a cool pack of features and is pretty simple to upgrade and adapt to various business computing needs. It has advanced legacy ports to give you undisputed connectivity. This compact business desktop has various support, security and service options. Besides, the HD 7000 graphics card make it ideal for modern games during those lunch breaks and more. It is a small but no-nonsense computer.

4. Dell OptiPlex 7010 Flagship High-Performance Business Desktop Intel Core i5 3.8GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD Windows 10


For those who do a lot of multi-tasking, this is the ideal desktop computer to purchase. Dell Optiplex is a highly responsive computer that can handle a lot of programs at a go. Besides, it comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 so you start using it right away. The accessories include a keyboard and a mouse . The latest processor Intel Core i5 assures you of reliable performance. Additionally, if you love watching music, videos and writing CDs and DVDs, this computer has a DVD-ROM drive that works seamlessly. It is the best desktop if you want a computer that works tirelessly.

  1. HP EliteDesk 800 G3 SFF Business Desktop 16GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, 2TB HDD Intel Core i7 Windows 10


This is the best desktop computer if you’re looking for a manageable and more secure PC featuring advanced configuration and performance. HP EliteDesk 800 is a stylish and space savvy. The desktop is ideal in case you have a tight office space. It comes with an HP keyboard and mouse. It is fast, capable and works silently. The combination of both SSD and HDD makes it a versatile desktop computer that does more than just business tasks. It never lets you down both in performance and style.

  1. Acer 780 TC 2018 Intel Core i5 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD 3.5 GHz Windows 10 Business Desktop Computer


This is a perfect desktop computer for anyone who is on a budget and wants a high-performance computer. This desktop throws in a nice pack of advanced feature you can expect from a modern computer. It boasts of a super nice processor that works incredibly fast. The spacious 1TB storage gives you ample space to keep your files and other stuff. The HD 630 Graphics card enables you to watch movies and videos with added convenience. It is one decent computer that can handle all business computing tasks.

  1. Dell OptiPlex 2018 7040 SFF Intel Core i5-6500 3.2 GHz 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Business Desktop Computer


This is a technical PC tower that does what it promises. It contains a great pack of nice features inside the chassis. It is the express solid storage feature and the latest Intel Core i5 that make it a very fast and highly responsive machine. The internal speakers deliver pretty good sound. It ships with all the necessary accessories so you can start working right away. It is a clean and functional desktop computer that works best for all your business needs.

Bottom Line

The best desktop computer is that which gives you all the fundamentals including reliability and great performance. Whether you’re looking for a good business desktop computer for compiling your business spreadsheets, store your files and so much more, the above are the top brands to consider.

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